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In fact, traditional voters of Congress will stay loyal and vote for the party. However, he will face stiff competition from the opposition. The ruling government is facing a headwind on some issues while the opposition awaits the much-desired comeback. Astrologically and based on signature analysis, we can see into a window of possibilities even before the actual results of the election are declared.

First, going by the signature of Narendra Modi, it signifies clear, distinct vibrations of determination of his intent to succeed. But there is an important element in all signatures and that is the underline below the signature, which Modi does not add. Modiji is confident — result oriented — dynamic with a successful proven track record. In his signature, too, the underline is missing.

However, his planetary positions are favourable and rewarding for enhancing his strength during the elections. He will certainly live up to expectations of voters from southern as well as northern constituencies and have a comfortable marginal lead of winning seats. Modi is poised to win again while Rahul is poised to win far more seats for Congress than in the last election. So the results on May 23 will reward both for their individual efforts.

India will have the same prime minister again, Narendra Modi, and Rahul Gandhi will establish himself as a politician to be taken seriously. India is currently going through its Moon Mahadasha or major phase of the moon in the birth chart. It began in September and will end in September The BJP came into existence on April 6, It, too, is running is Moon mahadasha or major phase of the moon.

The party is not providing the right direction to the country and has lost its focus. It needs to tie up its loose ends or it could wither away and there could even be a split in the party in the future. Narendra Modi: Now coming to Narendra Modi, his ascendant is Scorpio and even though there are different charts available on his birth time, I am certain he is a Scorpio lagna.

In , I had correctly predicted that he would win in a thumping fashion. In his birth chart, Moon and Mars are in lagna. Modi has what is the Panchmaharpurush Raj Yoga that takes a person to great heights. He is in his Moon mahadasha that began in and will end in Currently, he is in his Ketu sub period in his Moon mahadasha. And Ketu is the 11 house with Sun and Mercury. Rahul Gandhi: His ascendant is Libra and he is currently in his Moon major phase or mahadsha that will end on April He will then enter his Rahu major phase or mahadasha that will last for 18 years.

In his Mars phase, which is of 7 years, the first three years or some were the worst for Rahul. It is only during the latter part of Mars phase that he rose to eminence. You will see a paradigm shift in his personality and he will take Congress party to greater heights. In fact, his sister, Priyanka Gandhi, has a more prominent birth chart and he could be instrumental in helping her become a Prime Minister one day.

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Upendra Shastri, Vedic astrologer and priest Hindu temple in Dubai. Ajai Bhambhi Image Credit: Supplied. Moon is debilitated in his horoscope but Mars cancels its debilitation making Moon omnipotent. Image Credit: Gulf News. The Morning and Evening Brief. A daily brief with the biggest stories of the day.

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