Virgo weekly horoscope daniel dowd

Virgo Weekly Astrology & Tarot Horoscope September 9-16 2019

Mars connects to Neptune And Neptune then connects to the Sun And just like in "real life", bowl are there to "collect and acquire" and are considered to be extremely fortunate This is a pattern that shows increases in personal wealth and overall abundance But it's not a "gift" by any means, as this is a pattern that rewards those that go the extra mile in what they do or put new ideas into motion. When we put it all together You can see the chart forms what I would consider to be an "un-polished diamond" at the beginning of the week, but as the Sun moves forward, later in the week the diamond will be complete This energy happens really fast You can see it in the global events like the reunification of North and South Korea YAY and the end of a very long war But this energy can bring about major relief and progress in our personal lives too Remember, now the we are in the Aquarian Age the phrase you better get used to is "Out of Chaos comes Order" because that is Uranus's job.

go Right now, my own chart is a mess I have Jupter retro on my 12th House cusp oh joy Saturn retro on my 2nd House cusp grrr Uranus on my 5th House cusp Geeshka, when it rains, it pours Some really rough aspects too But the good part is that I know it's all for good and that I just have to ride out the waves and I bet it is like that for a lot of you guys too. That's it for now I'll talk to you guys tomorrow Keep the Faith Today's energy will be very intuitive and perceptive Having the Moon moving into the sign of Pisces, it naturally increases our psychic abilities And Venus and Mercury moving through the solar 8th House do the same thing All this is there to help re-build and restore relationships and bring them to much higher levels.

There is a strong emotional intensity that goes along with today's chart The kind where you can run when the wind is at your back, and the need to be wise enough not to push yourself beyond your limits when the wind is at your face.

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That's it for now I'll talk to you guys tomorrow Keep the Faith