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About Harana: Upon his father's death, Florante, a classically trained guitarist returns to the Philippines after 12 years of absence. During his stay he rediscovers the music of harana - a long-forgotten tradition of Filipino serenading when men sang under the window at night to fearlessly declare their love for a woman.

Intent on unearthing these unheralded songs, Florante travels to the remote provinces where he discovers three of the last surviving practitioners - a farmer, a fisherman and a tricycle driver.

Astounded by their golden voices, Florante asks them to travel with him to perform and record these unknown songs. During their travels, the haranistas meet Brian, a shy young man who for years has been secretly in love with a schoolmate. The haranistas, who have not serenaded in the last thirty years, offered their services to serenade Brian's object of affection, resulting in one of the most tender moments of genuine harana captured on film.

Her list of additional awards is extensive. Under the white birch tree, a wheelbarrow. The fence behind it mended. Footnotes, pages long at times, serve as a parallel commentary to the book. Instead of falling into one camp or the other, Codrescu uses the concept of archives, both literal and metaphorical, to meditate on the transformation of the written word. He is the author of numerous books and was a distinguished professor at Lousiana State University before retiring to the woods a few years ago.

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Terms and Conditions. Add an infinity necklace to remind you that true love is endless. Wear it and count your blessings, they are almost too many to list.

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Peace-loving Libra has a hard time with sharp words this month. Shape things with your usual Libra eye for beauty. Your head space needs managing this month, because you are doing better than you think you are. Slide a beautiful mindfulness bracelet on, and when you see it, give yourself a compliment. There are lots of things you've done just right. You need to get out of your mind and into your body, my clever archer.

Time for silky, sexy lingerie to balance all that thinking your mind wants to do. Some things are better left to your body to say and slinky undies speak volumes, even when it's just you listening. You've got powerful magic working for you this month, my sturdy goat. Time to put it towards a good cause.


Adopt a sloth from the rainforest and put your money to work changing the world. Sloths remind you that even at a slow pace, you occupy a treasured and unique space. Believing is seeing this month, but faith needs a little boost.

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Add a magic wand—a curling iron wand—to give you a visible expression of the sorcery at work in your life. Then every time you shake those curls, imagine that something else shifts and changes. There is no easy way to say this: You are in transformation mode the next few weeks. Rather than fighting it, grab a home peel kit and help turn that caterpillar you into the beautiful butterfly just waiting to emerge.


Take it a day at a time, my impatient ram. You end the month in a very different place than you begin it. You benefit from a home cleansing kit to move through it with ease. From front to back, you want to be ready for the good things rolling your way. You add an extra brightness to anything you do the next few weeks.