15 march 2020 chinese astrology

Hence it is wise to look for alternate sources of income. As long as one is able to improvise and be flexible enough to adapt, then one will not be facing financial hardship in the short term. Sufferers from hay-fever or breathing symptoms are going through a rough time during this period.

Best to avoid dusty, hot and humid places for the time being. Career is good. You will get good results and will receive praises from superiors. The only problem is that there will be evil characters around creating troubles. There will be ups and downs between couples, try to solve the downs immediately.

Chinese horoscope 2020 - New Year of the Rat 2020

For those who are doing business, you must be aware of progress and that usage of wealth is appropriate. Most things will go smoothly.

2020 Chinese horoscope part 1 - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, and top 3 lucky signs of the year

In the year of the Rat, you will have a chance to start a new business, try to make use of this chance. Never gamble as you lack luck. You will receive help from guardians of nobility.

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You may have gastric problems because of a busy work schedule. Make more charitable gestures to ease off all bad luck and to have peaceful year ahead. You will definitely get results from your hard work. Age is catching up. You must also seek advice from the younger generations. Exercise more but strenuous activities are not advisable. A morning stroll is the best. To greet in the New Year, there are several colours and symbols that simply MUST be brought into the home, as these are the decorative enhancers that will ensure everything auspicious comes to you.

Red lanterns are one most easily identifiable as auspicious symbols of the New Year. Here, their colour red resonates with everyone as it is universally acknowledged as the most auspicious colour of the New Year. Thus red is always the principle colour used in restaurants and temples and on clothes worn by everyone to reflect the good energy it represents.

For good luck, everyone wears red, or at least try to, during the first day of the Lunar New Year festivities. Yellow Chrysanthemums bring increasing luck during the New Year. This is the time of year when the colour yellow — the kind almost bordering on gold — brings auspicious increasing prosperity luck.


The flower itself is also auspicious as it is usually filled with an abundance of petals. If there is an altar in your home, placing these yellow blooms as offerings to your Gods and Buddhas through the fifteen days of the Lunar New Year is very auspicious. Kam Kuat Orange Plants bring the symbol of gold into the home and in , these bushy plants studded with bright juicy Kam Kuats ensure that wealth luck gets attracted into the home.

Place a pair of these plants flanking your door inside or outside your home. The orange colour here can be closer to red or yellow, but both colours are considered to be auspicious, especially during the first 15 days of the New Year. Gold on Red Calligraphy done on plaques or on rice paper art in auspicious rhyming couplets with master brush strokes are also very welcome during the New Year.

The gold ink is considered very special as this signifies the colour of accumulated wealth. When the calligraphy has a red background, it is more auspicious. The use of auspicious words has been popular in China for centuries. They may remind readers of the strongly worded single word affirmations, which in recent years have become very popular as well. Pink and White Blossoms to indicate the coming of spring. This is one of the most important and colourful of auspicious symbols, as it has multi-layers of lucky meanings.

They are known by the Chinese as the Three Friends of Winter — Plum, Pine and Bamboo; together, they symbolize steadfastness, perseverance, and resilience. They continue to live through the cold winter months and as soon as spring comes, they send out glorious blooms that signifies the growth energy of the Springtime Wood element — all extremely auspicious as they welcome a bright new year filled with blossoming chi energy. This is when money is placed inside an auspiciously designed red packet to be given to all children and unmarried relatives in the family who visit your home to wish you a prosperous new year.

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  • In the old days, it was deemed very auspicious for the recipient to receive a red money packet from the elder members of the family and from the boss, but it was considered equally auspicious for the older relative or boss when they give the red packet. The amount placed inside the packet is not as important as the sentiments behind the giving. It is advisable to place an even-numbered amount inside the red packet and even more auspicious when meaningful words are printed in gold and the packet itself is a bright vermillion red.

    You can use any lucky symbol to decorate your lucky money packet, as long as the packet is red in colour. Using any other colour is considered very unlucky, even when the year deems the other colour to be auspicious. Remember that during the Lunar New Year, use red as background colour and gold as secondary colour and you will have a fortunate year!

    Personality and characteristics

    The Chinese believe that colours resonate with particular frequencies that have different strengths and affinities from year to year. In Chinese metaphysics, there are five main colours which signify the five elements, the five planets and the five directions — North, South, East, West and Center. Different homes have different colour affinities, and different personalities vibrate better with certain colours in different years.

    This dynamic aspect of the use of colours to ensure good fortune is a fascinating study in itself, but for the purposes of the TUNG SING, what is needed is a basic knowledge of colour affinities plus their resonance in the Year of the Metal Rat For almost all the animal signs, the colour green will be very auspicious in Note that the colour green signifies the season of spring and it stands for steady and healthy growth chi energy.

    Rat (zodiac)

    Green is the colour of Wood and because Wood is the element of resource in , green is also the colour of success. If you are unwell, sit by a window overlooking fields of green. There is nothing more therapeutic than this.

    Auspicious Days Selection

    Green also signifies action and wearing green makes one feel energized and action-oriented. Green Jade brings great good fortune to those who wear it close to their bodies, especially when worn as hand bangles near the pulse point at the hand. Do note that because green is so auspicious in , it is extremely beneficial to wear jade in For , the colour red is lucky as it brings friendship and networking luck; and is neither a colour that is in excess nor is the year short of Fire.

    Note that red is the colour associated with the planet MARS. While the colour red is universally acknowledged as a very important and auspicious colour, it is important not to overuse this colour. Thus while wearing red is very lucky indeed, painting the whole house red is quite another matter. When Fire energy becomes excessive, it can turn destructive. Red is always favoured for the New Year, for weddings and for the celebration of happiness events such as the month-old celebration of a new-born baby and birthdays for patriarchs and matriarchs.

    Chinese horoscope - New Year of the Rat - Karmaweather

    That means the new moon day is the first lunar day. The new moon day could fall to different day in different time zone. Therefore, lunar months have different pattern between China and USA time zones. Some Chinese calendar applications treat the first half of the leap month as lunar month 4 and the second half of the leap month as lunar month 5. That means May 23, to June 6, is in lunar month 4. June 7, to June 20, is in lunar month 5.

    The first month of the Chinese zodiac year is the Tiger month. That starts at the time of the sun enters the th degree on the tropical zodiac. Therefore, this is a solar calendar. The Tiger month always begins around February 4 each year. Chinese Astrology birth chart is built by the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, not the Chinese lunar calendar. We combine Chinese zodiac months and Chinese lunar Months into Chinese Zodiac-Lunar Months , which contains lunar days in both lunar months and its corresponding zodiac months.

    This will increase the accuracy of Chinese Baby Gender Predictor. The Chinese calendar combines the lunar and solar systems together. The lunar calendar is the cycle of the moon. The solar calendar divides the year into 24 solar segments according to the sun positions on the tropical zodiac Similar to western astrology. Each segment's name was given for ancient Chinese farmers' use. The first month, Tiger month, begins from the Start of Spring segment or when the sun enters the th degree on the tropical zodiac. The second month, Rabbit month, begins from the Excited Insects segment or when the sun enters th degree.