Moon in sagittarius horoscope

Jupiter rules this Moon's sign, and that means your eyes are on the future. Your comfort zone encompasses a home and work life that's fast-paced, meaningful, and varied. You thrive with nature that swiftly evolves both in work and love. You require a partner who won't hold you back and can keep up with your active pace.

If you find yourself stuck in the rut of a lackluster or meandering love, you're more likely to hunt for an exit rather than look for a way to reboot the stagnant affair.

The darker side to this zodiac combo is that you may have tendencies toward being restless, detached, careless, and even superficial at times. These negative traits likely stem from your innate and tremendous need for freedom—but sometimes that need comes at a cost to others. Since the sign is more wed to a living truth than an imposed ideology, Sagittarians rarely play the game of being politically correct.

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And with the Moon as its fallback response, this particular astrological configuration can be quite defensive. As a Sagittarius Moon, you have a fiery comeback when under attack—but it's often a wickedly funny one that may leave your intended target both stinging and laughing at the same time. Tact is definitely not your strong suit.

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You're legendary for blurting out what's really on your mind. September 1 also finds Venus in Virgo connecting with Saturn in Capricorn, raising the standards for your day-to-day life, and helping you hammer out a happier, healthier schedule.

Rise to New Heights on the Rose Full Moon in Sagittarius

Mercury, Mars, and the sun meet on September 3, starting a dynamic new journey in your career. This is an exciting time to stand in the spotlight, receive recognition, and step into a position of leadership. Your feelings are very big this month, and making sense of them will take time. While the energy is confused and even a bit lazy, on the plus side, some romance or glamour is also in the atmosphere, and a more grounding energy around making plans arrives on September 5 as Mercury connects with Saturn in Capricorn. September 6 is busy: Mercury clashes with Jupiter, the sun connects with Saturn, and Venus connects with Pluto in Capricorn.

September 7 brings miscommunications as Mercury opposes Neptune. The next day, the sun clashes with Jupiter, encouraging you to branch out in your career. Exciting conversations about money also take place this day as Mercury connects with Pluto. September 9 finds Mars making a harmonious connection with Saturn, which is fantastic for setting plans in motion, especially in your career. Two days later, Mars clashes with Jupiter, inspiring a burst of action and creativity, but watch out for big egos. A cheerful, social energy arrives as Mercury meets Venus and the sun connects with Pluto on September 13, helping you step into a place of confidence and power, especially at work.

The full moon in Pisces lands on September 14, pulling your attention to your home and family. Cancer - The Full Moon is going to be moving through your house of health and pets , Cancer, and so your domestic senses will be tickled. This is the time when all of those little things you have been putting off health wise need your attention.

Leo - Love is in the air for you my dear Leo friend, but only if you are honest about it. Be real with the people that mean the most to you and this Full Moon has a lot of exciting passion to offer you as gratitude in return.

Virgo - This is a really great time for you to spend the weekend finishing up your at home to do lists, or purchases to improve your home. You will not only feel productive, but you will feel a little bit less stressed as well, as you open up your schedule for some of the more enjoyable parts of life. Libra - The world around you is beckoning you to join them in a myriad of social activities today, Libra.

Reaching out to others under this Full Moon can be very successful for you.

What Does This Full Moon in Sagittarius Mean?

Scorpio - This time around you may have money at the forefront of your mind, so focus on putting your resources towards the things that matter the most to you. Meditate on areas where there is lack or where you need more information to tend to the necessary details. Sagittarius - Your sense of self will be illuminated during this period, Sagittarius, so if you have been looking for the right place to direct some of your work or soul energy, meditate and the Moon will show you the way.

Capricorn - This period is more about epic change within, and you will find that the more time you take to just get away and explore that soul of yours, the quicker the light and fire of the Sagittarius Full Moon will light inside you. You will find exactly what is worth fighting for, and what might not be.

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Aquarius - The Full Moon will be traveling through your eleventh house , and this means any group activities are going to be tremendously favored for you. Not only will the Full Moon illuminate what opportunities you should engage in, but it will also illuminate what group endings you may want to consider.

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  5. Pisces - Whatever pull you are experiencing under this Full Moon about your work matters is the pull that you need to follow. This is the career that you were called to do, the one that explains your purpose here on Earth. Because relationships can be a focus under a Full Moon, take a look at our career compatibility test to see how your current work relationships stack up in terms of helping you move your career forward.

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    What is going to allow you to rise to new heights this Full Moon? Are you ready to come from a place of yes? We still have Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in retrograde, which means we are all undergoing a transformation of some kind.