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It is the one that grants you access to all the others. Recent events may have shown you what is possible, though this is only so if you make the total investment of faith in yourself. The forthcoming New Moon in your sign could help orient you toward a decisive path of development. What might be useful to remember is that this is really an active process, requiring your attention and participation.

Letting your mind wander too far risks getting you blown off course.

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With Mercury still working through its change of direction in your sign, it might be useful, especially over the coming few days, not to rush into any new project. You might treat this as something of a stocktaking week. Two events of note take place involving your birth or rising sign this week: first, Mars ingresses Scorpio on Tuesday the 19th. However, a handwriting analyst and consultation with California authorities ruled out that possibility. In March , Seda was arrested for possession of a deadly weapon after police noticed a suspicious bulge in his jacket pocket that concealed one of his zip guns.

Seda interpreted this turn of events as an omen , proving that he was beyond consequences.

At 26 years of age, Seda was an unemployed high school drop out, living with his mother and half-sister. During a confrontation with her and her boyfriend on June 18, , Seda pulled out a weapon and began threatening the couple. While Reyes' boyfriend hid in the bedroom, she tried to escape through the front door, but Seda shot her in the buttocks.

Wounded but not incapacitated, she made her way to her neighbor's apartment where she called the police. After an hours-long stand-off with the police, Seda gave up his firearms and was arrested.

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Authorities initially made no connection between Seda's arrest for the family violence incident, and the string of unsolved murders. However, he closed his handwritten statement about the family incident with a symbol resembling one written on the taunting letters to the police by the unidentified killer. From here, police focused on Seda as a suspect.

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Despite the killer's claim that he could never be linked to the crimes due to the lack of rifling on the improvised guns, police were able to use tool-mark evidence to link Seda to the attacks. Fingerprint evidence was also found, and handwriting analysis determined a strong similarity between Seda's statement and the anonymous letters. Seda caused repeated disruptions in court, making outbursts and shouting at the judge.

On June 24, , Seda was convicted by a jury after a six-week trial, presided over by the Honorable Robert J. Masters and Raymond E. The prosecution presented testimony of 45 witnesses, and introduced pieces of evidence.


Seda was represented by court appointed attorneys David A. Bart and John S.

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In prison, Seda began a romantic affair with Synthia-China Blast, a trans woman who is serving a sentence for a gang-related murder. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heriberto Seda.

New York Times. Retrieved Toy May 15, June 25, Retrieved October 7, June 20, The gunman who calls himself Zodiac became responsible for his first death yesterday morning when his third shooting victim, a year-old man, died at Jamaica Hospital, the police said.