Etaurus y taurus son compatibles en el amor

But with that instinctive touch for what will sell to the masses, you could easily be an inventor or product developer. Your net worth comes out in the collection of Model T Fords Taurus 73 or Faberge eggs, all displayed to the most discriminating eyes—your own. Your success will likely transform you into a symbol of hope, inspiration, or merely status to many.

Without even realizing it, you have a knack for juggling your worldly and private concerns. You refuse to parade the intimate details of your life for casual acquaintances, let alone the tabloids. Despite loving home, family, and country, you know you were meant to perform on the world stage. You project an air of authority and knowledge that crosses all borders and cultures. You hope he or she will whisper it in your ear, rather than act on it with the cutie next door. At least once your mate gets your attention, the lovemaking is likely to go on and on: Remember that horsepower!

The Potential Your persistence and diligence make you a potential role model for everyone you meet.

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Resist the temptation to become dictatorial in your business and personal dealings. Always remember you were meant to share your wealth, whether by funding a new hospital wing or giving of your undeniably valuable time to dispense practical advice to an entry-level exec in your empire. There you are, all of eight, tenderly cradling a pigeon with a broken wing in your hands. Retaining that fondness for underdogs into maturity, you develop a robustly healthy dislike of anyone who plays top dog and plays it rough.

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But you can be confusing to your loved ones. Sex with you is utterly delicious.

While you value good public opinion highly, you crave the respect of your peers and those in the power structure even more. You project a sensual appeal to the public, and are confident you can bring anyone around to your point of view. Though you amass plenty of money, you do like to give it away. Never shy away from your true self, fearful of what people might think.

You say you take life as it comes, which is true regarding difficult detours and unexpected setbacks. The future is a different story; you know what you want and leave nothing to luck when you go after it. A perfect society makes allowances for the population to flourish as individuals. Love, Sex, and Marriage You want an intellectual match to share secrets and make love under the full moon. No problem if the chase is all there is—sometimes it provides enough memories to see you through. Besides, sex—be it soft and sensuous or blissfully bizarre—is better with someone you love.

As much in control as you like to be, once the romance ritual begins with the first red-rose delivery, you gladly relinquish the reins and let the relationship roll. Gemini 81 Money and Career An excellent memory and the ability to make small talk sprinkled with easy jokes and pertinent points are the secrets of your success. You could be with one company for your whole career, as long as you get to do a variety of jobs, including being a boss. Then you can do what you really want—maybe open an antique store or learn how to cut gems and make jewelry.

The Jfl Potential You provide ideas with workable outlines to make them real. Be real and get real rewards. Your dual nature is twofold, twins doubled, which makes more than two sides of you.

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Getting to know you is a real challenge. A clever chameleon, you mold the outer you to fit the situation and protect the real you from casual scrutiny. There are secrets you intend to keep. You believe change is good, and like to regularly zoom off in new directions, following one of your uncanny hunches.

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A natural collector, you have a variety of interesting items in your home—from bonsai plants to the latest computer gadget. You also have a large selection of artwork, books, and music. As for people, you collect useful phone numbers but not people per se. You have a select circle of friends who share your interests and never let you down. Gemini 83 Love, Sex, and Marriage The perfect partner knows which kinky buttons to push to keep the relationship lively. No amateur button pusher yourself, you like to get as good as you give!

You want a lover to live with and be alone with together. For all your double duality, you believe in fidelity and never stray further from a mate than a casual conversation, and even that is kept in neutral waters.

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Manage a project or be a consultant or technical guru to be happy. You also do well as a computer whiz, in medicine, teacher, diplomat, arbitrator, or writer. Regarding money, you have a classic split personality: You want to have gobs of cash but abhor the idea of working long hours at a stressful job to get it. Since you refuse to let work rule your life, eventually you learn to balance income and outgo.

Relationships, particularly intimate ones, offer the greatest rewards and demands. You have no problem connecting with people, but taking it past sociably polite is beyond your comfort zone. Never underestimate yourself—you have what it takes! You do wish the heavens would plop Mr. Or that Universal Studios would call with praise for your screenplay. Then the phone rings: the corner coffee store Barista Italian invites you out for dinner again or a friend calls with work at a fashion show and the clouds clear.

Quantity in motion means that something will come to fruition. People love to join you for lunch or visit your home. Those special visionary tidbits are shared with only a precious few friends. Love, Sex, and Marriage A nice home, accomplished spouse, bright kids, and a real estate career on the side are all you ask.

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You want it all, but would settle for two out of four at a time. The children? You take parenting seriously and intend to enjoy your children as adults as well as bambinos. Nothing captures your heart faster than an enlightened brain and enthusiastic sex. Money and Career Money is here today, gone tomorrow, here this morning, gone on Tuesday. You like to be busy, you like to work and enjoy chatty conversations with co-workers.

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Always looking for a creative outlet, a Gemini Three often turns a hobby into a business. The K3 Potential Merry old soul that you are, you appreciate any good fortune and try to spread the wealth around. We are all in this together, like it or not; you know it, and know the world would be a better place if we all acted as if we knew it, too. You have an eye for beauty and are a resilient spirit. Self- discipline turns every talent into an amazing asset.

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