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The closest popular image of a similar nature in the modern consciousness is the remarkable world of Don Juan as generated by the author Carlos Casteneda. Here is no subtle plane, but a personal landscape painted in bold and clear strokes. A world where the modern man is learning to move across the face of the earth in an endless adjustment and tuning of his radix -- of his self.

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Individuals driven in particular directions on a checkerboard world, unable to resist travelling to a goal that is no particular place on earth as much as it is a direction within them: the direction of a force, or of a planet: "There! In a word, here is perhaps the most vulgar system, where the obvious is enthroned and the subtle unnecessary.

Here then, are some specific approaches I have found to be most useful in examining these charts. The following remarks represent the most useful technique that has evolved from our research into local space. Space permits neither a gradual presentation of this information nor the history of, or sequence through which I arrived at these thoughts. Any technique is the very essence of a much larger experience; and every statement here should be investigated and tested out with local space charts in hand.

Once you have mastered the mathematics Programs that calculate local space charts are available from Matrix Software for most popular name computers. Let us consider some of them. Compare the planets in the local space chart with your geocentric natal chart. As you will soon note, the individual aspects between two planets can be very different in the two kinds of charts; also, the larger whole-chart patterns may indicate a different quality. A planet may achieve great focus in the local space chart that is not brought out in the Geo chart; and yet you may have intuited and sensed the added importance of this planet or principle in the make-up of the individual involved, and yet had no physical basis for your intuition.

The radix positions then are read in terms of these new angles. Its special nature introduces several concepts not encountered in other techniques.

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Radix Local Space Charts Aside from the planetary aspects, there are two primary indicators of strong or high focus in the radix local space chart: 1 a planet is on or near the horizon it has low altitude ; and 2 a planet is conjunct to one of the four angles or cardinal directions.

It is worth noting which of the planets is closest to the horizon, even if not conjunct. We use standard orbs for Azimuth -- although I haven't arrived at any final rules in this respect. It is also worth noting which planet is most elevated has the greatest altitude. And the parallels and contraparellels also need investigation. We are now ready to examine a technique that gets to the heart of what these charts are all about.

At this point I have in front of us our radix local space chart, with the various planets plotted on it. As I mentioned earlier, we can also plot the positions of cities and places on the earth on this map; so, our next project then will be to translate all of the important cities in our lives into their equivalent positions on our radix map of local space.

We should be sure to include not only the places I ourselves have lived in or visited, but also the cities that we have always thought that we might like to visit -- that bring a warm feeling to mind, and so forth; the positions of cities where friends and no-so-friendlies live, where there are business relationships, etc.

An individual, for instance, needing to invoke the key to success often obtained thru Jupiter, may make one or several moves in that direction. Although its concept is so simple as to be almost embarrassing, this technique has shown itself to be of great value. In any case, its value seems to be substantial rather than hypothetical. Next to, for example, some of the cumbersome and ultra-traditional place rulerships, proposed national birth-charts, etc. The LS chart, at least, can show a concrete, measurable relation of the individual to any place -- a relationship which can vary from individual to individual, even in the same locality, as much as their LS charts vary from one another.

Whatever may be the intrinsic character of a place -- and places undoubtedly have this -- a selection of people could react very differently to it from the point of view of each one's own make-up. Moreover, each one could react differently at different times and under different astrological directions. Although the mathematics involved in this system may seem a bit complex, the application of its technique is simple and direct; and this does much to recommend it.

Relocation: Local Space Astrology

Locality Shifts in Local Space After the basic information in the radix chart has been taken in, I may want to construct secondary charts for the various localities where the individual has lived or travelled. These charts are equivalent to ones cast for this locality at the time of birth, as if one were born there. This involves a transformation of the radix planet's position, as well as a shift around the angles of these positions. Aside from the initial direction from the radix of the locality shift, there are other factors to note.

Thru a shift in locality, a planet or even a city may be brought into or away from the horizon.

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We have found that a planet achieves high focus when on the horizon, in terms of its activity within the individual. In other words, we can adjust and tune our radix -- and ourselves -- thru locality shifts, much like we might tune a musical instrument. Another objective that might be accomplished by a locality shift is to bring a yet farther away city to high focus -- say, to an angle, or in aspect to a planet, allowing a second locality shift to be made in its direction. This alters or modifies the psychic interaction of person and place by altering the direction of approach to it.

The effect achieved would be quite other than that invoked by approaching it direct. Some of the magical quality of the dimension can be seen in the checkerboard-like world concept that emerges, where individuals not only move in relation to a planetary energy they require, but are ever adjusting and jockeying into position to achieve the most resonant move. Aside from the focus achieved thru the angles and planets, we may compare aspects and whole-chart patterns with the radix loca space chart, considering changes in altitude, and so forth. Another point of interest which has proven very useful in our work is examining the aspects that the planetary positions in the local space locality shift make to the radix local space chart; in particular by bringing one planet to a conjunction with another.

As Charles Jayne has pointed out to me, this amounts to progression of the chart through space, rather than time a very elegant concept -- for those of us, perhaps, who find it hard to wait! We have found that both the conjunction and oppositions the alignments , as formed by this progression in space, are most significant. There you have the fundamental ideas with which I have worked thus far.

We have used these charts in our practice with success, and have found that many people are concerned with where they might live in order to bring themselves into resonant and satisfying focus. Perhaps modern man is developing an intuitive sense for self-adjustment and focus thru locality shifts -- something that ancient man did very little of. It appears that one can enrich and complement various qualities of the radix thru location adjustment -- bringing our needed energies to one place and time, moving elsewhere for another life episode at another time.

Astrology is, above all, a way to get to know yourself and your particular orientation to the Earth and its surrounding environment. You will be working with two different sets of maps: geographic maps of the Earth and celestial sky maps.

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While these maps are very different, they are but different perspectives for graphing the same information. The birth year, date, time and place remain the same. In other words, nothing changes but the coordinate dimension our persective and attitude -- the way we look at this particular piece of time and space.

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When we are working with the geographic maps, we overlay the celestial bodies and sky map to determine where the planets, stars and other deep-space structure were in relation to places cities, towns, etc. We want to find out our particular orientation attitude to the cosmos for any given time and place. For example, we know that at any given instant of time, the planet Mars is right overhead a particular place on the Earth.

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Local space techniques bring the heavens down to earth. Planets and stars are no longer "out there", some far off and unconnected objects. In fact, we exist in a vast web or matrix of connectivity.

Local Space Astrology

The Earth is set, as a jewel is set, in time and space. All of the various planetary motions are inter-related and synchronizedand, like some vast cosmic clock. More important, as the Earth turns, it orients or points first toward one part of the heavens and then another. At any given time the planets are in exact points in space from where we now stand. Thus the planet Jupiter may be to our west at birth. Not only is it to the West, but a straight line drawn from where we stand toward the direction of Jupiter passes thru a particular series of towns and cities.

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In fact, if we extend that line, it becomes a great circle stretching around the celestial sphere. Starting from where we are it stretches out toward a particular planet and ends up describing a great circle in the heavens and on the Earth , returning at last to a point just behind us -- a full degrees.